Our members are serious about what they do. They pay to become a member of our website becuase they are focused on their careers as entertainers. They don’t come to to fool around — they come to find jobs. And they come back over and over again — more than 30 times per month on average. They are dedicated and serious about the entertainment industry, and they want to hear about your company. Reach this focused and targeted group of professional entertainers where they come each day to learn about new opportunities. You won’t find a more central space to advertise your company than on and its monthly sister publication, Vegas Report Newswire.



Home Page Feature Ad $150

This is the first page visitors see; members and non-members alike. Members sign in here before accessing auditions; non-members stop here before searching the site. Your ad will be linked directly to your website.

SIZE: 250 wide by 150 tall (72dpi, RGB)


Listings Page $100

This is the most visited page on the website – members keep coming back to it because it’s the base page where all auditions and casting notices are listed. Place your ad here, and get a free audition listing at the same time!

SIZE: 850 wide by 100 tall (72dpi, RGB)


Home Page Top Ad $400

Located above the menu bar, this ad is very high profile. The premium spot allows your company to stand out and be seen with high visibility. The ad will link out directly to your website.

SIZE: 980 wide by 100 tall (72dpi, RGB)


Members Callboard $200

The callboard page is for members only, and is the home base for pro members. On this page, our members can view auditions, manage their account, and read current news. The callboard page is updated regulary.

SIZE: 250 wide by 150 tall (72dpi, RGB)


Mobile Ad - iPhone App $300

More than 50 percent of our members also check auditions on their mobile device – specifically on our custom iPhone App. The sole advertiser is displayed on the home page of the app every time a user accesses the app.

SIZE: 400 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall (72dpi, RGB)


Dedicated Email Blast $500

Reach our members directly in their inboxes. This highly visible placement is yours alone! No content, no ads — just your message in a highly graphical format. You supply the direct-mail graphic, and we’ll send it directly to our members as an exclusive announcement. (Limit: 1 per month)

SIZE: non-restricted, but recommendation of no wider than 600 pixels (72dpi, RGB)


Package Value Deal $1,100

Purchase this package deal for a discounted price off the stand-alone products; receive 2 Email blasts, top ad spot on the listings page, a featured home page ad, and audition listing! A great value for great exposure!

SIZE: varies by ad placement