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Vegas talent agency recommendationWe’ve worked with many companies over the years and we’re most proud that they’ve stayed with us, over and over again; so, if you’re looking for a Las Vegas talent agency recommendation, we think this page of testimonials will help in your decision. It’s not enough to just wow someone once, but more important to make them feel comfortable enough to keep coming back. We realize that in order to keep our service as efficient and successful as possible, we have to make sure that producers and performers alike find value in our product. See what both have to say about VegasAuditions.com in a few recent testimonials below.

Thanks for the customer service, I don’t find many online companies who respond at all, much less immediately.

I am so happy to have Vegas Auditions as a source to post my auditions. Amazing service that I’ve recommend time and time again to visiting Producers, Directors, etc.

Within one hour, I booked my entire project with very professional and outstanding individuals. This site is great!

With a production company our size, we are almost always looking for talent for one show or another and often, in a hurry. We appreciate the immediacy of the service offered by VegasAuditions.com.

Hands down the best way for me to find and audition for professional gigs in Vegas. LOVE THIS SITE!

It’s my lifeline. I check my email first thing in morning waiting for next job call. I get jobs for my dancing as well as my acro — and I’m always the first to know about the jobs!

I thought I would only get dance jobs for shows on the Strip, but was happy to see gigs for cruise ships and conventions and trade shows too!

Thank you for this great site! I joined VegasAuditions.com and literally in two weeks I landed a year contract with Carnival Cruise Line doing a full illusion show. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the great audition postings and just know you guys are helping a lot of talented artists. THANK YOU!

Vegasauditions.com is a phenomenal website for a non-profit theatre like ours. It gets our theatre out to people that may not have known about us, and it’s helped us with a huge influx of new auditoners to our shows. They are very efficient, quick, and some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to work with!! Will always tell them to all the theatres in Las Vegas!!! Thanks guys for all your hard work!!

VegasAuditions is a great tool for all Las Vegas artists and we hope it will continue to grow for many, many years.

We actually got quite a few quality submissions from your site. Much better than we received through Backstage.com!

I used your site to book a quick and fun TV commercial with the Wynn hotel. I had a blast. I always enjoy a fun side project. Thank you for the solid site!